Linda Murrant
Professional Singer, Vocal coach and Music Therapist.
Linda Murrant
Linda has been singing professionally for 20 years. She specialises in helping students become 'performance ready' , as well as 'best practice vocal techniques', encouraging vocal health and general wellbeing.
Linda Murrant
“Linda Murrant gives a master-class in how to entertain”
“One of the best voices in the business.”
“Experienced, entertaining, expressive and fun.”
"I had been playing guitar since I was a young teenager but always had a very soft voice, I have always been very shy. I had worked with a range of ‘vocal coaches’ and was told I just didn’t have much range and after a long break, finally decided to try lessons again and met Linda ‘Jaffa’ Murrant.
 Kate Keighran
Not only did Jaffa help me develop the techniques nessasary to project my voice but she developed my confidence. Jaffa offers an incredibly welcoming and relaxed environment and has the ability to strip away your nerves bringing out the true performer that hides beneath. Jaffa has had the experience to offer all the right advice and goes well out of her way to help all her students pursue their musical careers.
I now perform professionally and have I have even recorded my own EP and would not have done this without her support."
Kate Keighran
"Linda Murrant is a dedicated and energetic voice teacher, whose special gift lies in passing on her passion for singing and her skills as a contemporary singer to the next generation.
Linda has built on her experience as lead singer of the 1980s band The Mysterons (a successful Sydney-based band frequently featured on Triple J), to create an active and vibrant voice studio.
Every year Linda offers her students the opportunity to perform in public in an exciting studio concert, giving them a platform on which to add performance practice to their growing list of abilities.
Linda’s infectious enthusiasm is balanced by a no-nonsense, practical approach, incorporating exercises and instructions that aim to bring out the best in each and every one of her students." 
Linda Barcan, BA (Hons), Grad Dip Dramatic Art (Voice Studies) (NIDA), MA Music Studies (Vocal Pedagogy), Lecturer in Voice, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).
Linda and Charlee